Student testimonial (Tualatin, Oregon):

“I have taken lessons from Rodel Flores for the last four years.  I had played several different instruments under the instruction of several teachers and Rodel’s teaching has, by far, given me the greatest passion for the violin and music in general. He is a warm-hearted and thoughtful person that always takes the extra time to understand how each student interacts with music, and how he can use that unique relationship to help them best progress. His teaching style is both serious and amiable, so that I was motivated to perform at my best while not feeling under pressure to move at a pace that exceeded my abilities.

Not only did Rodel encourage perfecting solo pieces, he provides his students with many opportunities to play with other students of varying skill levels for a wide range of audiences. I played several duets with him and in slightly larger groups of other students. During the summers, he often offered group classes where I and the other students could practice sight reading ensemble music, get experience playing comfortably in front of groups and create fun relationships. We also perform every year at the town’s senior center and spend time afterwards talking to the elderly audience, usually about their experiences with music as kids. Rodel’s constant efforts to bring his students together and reach out to the community show how dedicated he is to create a fun, constructive music learning environment and spread that joy to others.

If I could pick three words to describe Rodel and his teaching style they would be outgoing, supportive, and inspiring. Being his student while I was in high school has given me a passion for the violin and music that will last a lifetime. Rodelio Flores is a wonderful man with a passion for community through music and the willingness and capacity to inspire that passion in others."  


     Margaret Campbell

    Tualatin High School Class 2011 Valedictorian